Removing sticky paper labels can be messy, leaving behind unwanted residue and a ruined label. Discount Magnet offers Magnetic Dry Erase Labels that stick to any magnetic surface and won’t leave behind residue. Because they’re dry erase, our magnetic labels can be reused for thousands of different projects, simply by wiping off the dry erase marker and relocating to another magnetic receptive surface. Choose from 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″8″ or 12″ dry erase magnet shelf labels.

Flexible dry erase magnetic shelf labels are perfect for organizing your home, garage, office, warehouse, store, and so much more. Use them to quickly create product labels, keep track of inventory, or color code filing cabinet folders using the 10 different colors available. No matter what project you choose, our flexible magnetic dry erase labels are the solution to traditional paper labels with sticky backing.

2" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels (3)

3" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels (3)

4" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels (3)

6" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Label (3)

8" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels (3)

12" Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels (3)