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Integrating Magnets into your Advertising and Promotions Mix

Integrating Magnets Into Your Advertising And Promotions Mix Blog Photo

For nonprofit organizations, finding creative ways to market and advertise your cause is especially important. A large part of a successful marketing campaign is to have engaging advertisements. Successful advertisements should attract a reader causing them to read it, engage their interest so that they will continue reading it, and most of all the message of the advertisement should convince the reader to believe it. If your advertisement has these three characteristics, it will be successful.


The above characteristics of successful advertisements directly tie into the classic marketing acronym AIDA, which is a marketing model that describes the different cognitive stages that individuals go through during the process of buying into a product a service.

What does AIDA stand for?

A (Attention/Awareness) – Attracting the attention of the consumer and creating brand awareness or affiliation with your product or service.

I (Interest) – Engaging the interest of the consumer with regard to the benefits of your product or service.

D (Desire) – Stage of the process where the consumer goes from liking your product to wanting it. At this stage consumer become convinced that the advertised product or service can satisfy their needs.

A (Action) – The last step of the process where the consumer becomes a customer and performs the desired action based on your advertisement. This could be donating, downloading an information brochure, joining your newsletter, and other actions.

When designing advertisements, it’s important to keep these stages of the consumer thought process in mind and help this be the strategic roadmap for creating an advertisement that is successful. Integrating magnets into your advertising and promotion strategy is a great way to help improve the effectiveness of your advertisements as a nonprofit organization. Below are some ideas for ways that you can use magnets for your advertising and promotion strategy.

Magnetic Postcards – Use our peel and stick adhesive photo sheets to magnetize your current postcards. This can help keep your time-sensitive events in front of your donors so that they don’t forget about them. If you want to make a completely magnetic postcard, use our printable magnetic sheets to create professional looking magnetic postcards to promote your cause.

Picture Frame Magnets – Your donors will love picture frame magnets because they give them something that they can actually use. Picture frame magnets will allow your donors to easily showcase their family memories along with a cause that they support. Using our printable magnetic sheets, print out picture frame templates that you can cut out to create stylish, branded picture frames promoting your cause.

Outdoor Magnets – Outdoor magnets provide your donors with the ability to show off all of the causes that they support. Additionally, they act as another means for introducing more donors to your cause. Use our vehicle magnet sign blanks to create outdoor advertisements that will stand up to the elements! Unlike traditional printed advertisements, magnetic advertisements will not fade or become ruined due to rain and other elements. They also withstand wind much better since they create an airtight seal.

Business Card Magnets – Business card magnets are a great way to constantly remind your donors of the importance of your cause. Considering that close to 75% of new donors never donate again, they are a great way to remind your new donors of the constant need for their help. Additionally, since business card magnets have real utility and can be used for affixing items to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces, they are likely to stay in sight for years and years.

These are just a few ideas of ways that you can integrate magnets into your nonprofit marketing strategy. If you can think of any others, comment below! Also, be sure to check out the rest of our magnetic products.