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3 Ways to Use Whiteboards at Work

Dry Erase Whiteboard

Do you have a difficult time keeping track of your employee or production schedule? If so, a whiteboard may be just what your workspace needs. There are many perks to using whiteboards in the workplace. A few of these perks include that dry erase whiteboards are easy to customize, change, and keep employees engaged.

Production Schedule

Dry Erase WhiteboardHow does your business keep track of your production schedule? Using a dry erase whiteboard is a great way to keep track of a production schedule because you can color coordinate using colored dry erase markers. If something in the schedule changes, you can easily make a change with an eraser. Having the schedule available on a whiteboard can make it easier for employees to view and understand. Since the whiteboard is also magnetic receptive, you could use small magnets to adhere notes about production if you needed to.

Employee Tracking Schedule

A whiteboard is a great way of keeping track of the employees in your office. Using the whiteboard to keep track of individual schedules is a great idea if you put the whiteboard in a central location in your office where employees can reference it frequently. You could enhance the schedule by using colored dry erase markers or adding extra magnets to the board to distinguish holidays. You could also use whiteboard sheets to track employee productivity in your office!

Command Center

Dry Erase Whiteboard ExampleCommand Centers have many uses, depending on where you place them. In the workplace, command centers can be used as a resource center for employees. To make a command center, find a wall in your office with open space. Start with your desired size of magnetic receptive whiteboard. You could use pre-cut whiteboard sheets or purchase a roll if you wanted to customize the size of it. You could use the whiteboard for a monthly or weekly calendar so employees can anticipate important future dates. Try using a dry erase marker for the calendar portion so you can update it every week or month. If you did not want to use the whiteboard for a calendar, you could use it for a task list or agenda for the day. In addition to a calendar, you could include a folder or folders on the wall that could hold a copy of the company handbook or goals for the week. Put something in this folder that employees often need to reference since it will be in a convenient location! Also consider attaching small bins to the wall to hold company swag such as pens, lanyards, or stickers!

Another option for the command center would be to start by covering the entire area where the command center will be with magnetic receptive dry erase whiteboard (instead of just using whiteboard for a calendar or agenda). Since the dry erase whiteboard is magnetic receptive, you can still include folders and small bins simply by attaching a magnet to the back of these items!