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Three Ways to Use Vehicle Magnets for Advertising

Vehicle Magnets

Do you own your business? Are you looking for a way to expand advertisement tactics for the business you work for? If so, vehicle magnets may be the solution you are looking for! Magnets are a great alternative to decals because they will not leave any residue on your car if you decide to remove them. Since you will either adhere the magnet to the side or back of your car, there is no chance that it will obstruct your view while driving. Lastly, you do not have to worry about the magnet falling off while driving because of the adhesive strength of the magnet! Since you have heard all of the advantages to using vehicle magnets, we would like to share three ways to use them to advertise your business or product.

Paint on the Vehicle Magnet

Are you or someone you know artistic? If so, you can paint on vehicle magnets! If you do not have a logo for your company, you could simply paint the name of your company on the magnet and adhere it to your vehicle. Another fun idea would be painting symbols that relate to the theme of your business on the magnet. You could customize these symbols depending on your industry.

Use Vinyl Letters or Decals

If painting sounded like too much work, consider using adhesive vinyl letters or decals to advertise your business on your vehicle. The vinyl lettering and decals will definitely draw attention!

Print your Logo

If you are looking for a more polished vehicle advertisement, consider using a large format printer to create a mobile billboard for your vehicle! You can choose whatever color you like for the base of the magnet and then print your company logo, slogan, and/or name onto the magnet. This will look professional and be sure to draw attention to your business when you are driving around town. The best part is anytime you are in your car you can be advertising your business and the only cost is the initial advertising magnet and ink investment.