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5 Different Ways to Use Whiteboard Material

Dry Erase Whiteboard With Markers Blog Photo

Whether you are looking to get organized, ditch traditional chalkboards, or try something new, the adhesive dry erase whiteboard material is a great place to start. Whiteboard material is a cleaner alternative to using chalkboards and without the added risk of hearing nails on a chalkboard. Additionally, you can purchase whiteboard rolls online that come with or without adhesive or magnetic backing, allowing to create legitimate dry erase board, or turning walls, desks, and tables into whiteboard projects.

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Turn an empty wall in your house in a full-size calendar. Hanging calendars are great, but if you have a large family, or are always on the run, it can be hard to fit everyone’s schedules in one tiny box. With a full-sized dry erase wall calendar, the whole family can collaborate and mark in their own schedules. You can purchase pre-cut dry erase sheets or purchase whiteboard rolls to cut your own sizes, but we advise avoiding dry erase paint, as it does not have the same properties to prevent stains that the sheets and rolls do.

Available Dry Erase Sheet ColorsDry Erase Magnets

Turn normal magnets into dual-functioning magnets by using dry erase material with magnetic backing. Hanging a permission slip or lunch money on the refrigerator for your kids? Label who gets what by using dry erase magnets with their names written on the front. Dry erase magnets can be used on magnetic calendars as well by cutting small strips to fill in your schedule. Dry erase magnets come in both magnetic strip rolls and magnetic sheets, allowing you the flexibility to choose sizes and create shapes if wanted.

Whiteboard Table

Nothing is more frustrating than having to clean markers and crayons off tables and walls when you have young kids. Instead of chasing them around with a magic eraser, turn an old side table or coffee table into a dry erase board table by using adhesive whiteboard rolls. Discount Magnet offers adhesive whiteboard sold off the roll, by the foot in 1’ increments. Because of this, the product is shipped in a roll, not sheets, making it easier to resurface an old table. The adhesive backing allows the dry erase roll to be attached to any surface, whether plastic, wood, or glass.

Cupboard Lists

Ever come home from the grocery store just to find out you forgot to add a crucial item to your grocery list? Save the headache by installing adhesive whiteboard to the inside of your cupboard doors. With a surface ready for your marker, you will be able to mark down that something is missing as you run out, so when it comes time to go grocery shopping, all you need to do is open the cupboard door and mark down your notes.

Indoor Games

Rainy days and cold weather can be a parent’s worst nightmare, especially when the kids just won’t take a nap. Whiteboard rolls can be used for a variety of fun activities, such as creating a drawing table, but there are so many more things you can do. Lay down a large roll or sheet of whiteboard material and draw a hopscotch pattern for indoor hopscotch. Dry erase boards can also be used for simple games such as tic-tac-toe, hangman, the dot game, Pictionary, and more. Whiteboards are great tools to keep kids busy, while keeping your house clean.

Dry erase boards are great alternatives to traditional chalkboards, providing an easier and cleaner way to stay organized, have fun, and keep kids occupied. Whether you are a teacher looking to buy magnets in wholesale for classes and crafts, or a homeowner or parent looking to organize your house, turn to Discount Magnet for all of your magnet needs.