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5 Ways to Use Mini Dry Erase Whiteboards in the Classroom

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Sitting in a classroom all day can easily make students feel antsy. A lot of teachers are searching for ways to make sitting in a classroom all day a more enjoyable experience. One way to do this is through hands-on learning techniques. Mini dry erase whiteboards are the perfect hands-on learning tool because they are affordable for the classroom and provide students with a sense of individual learning and a place to unleash their creativity. Today, we will share five ways to use mini dry erase whiteboard sheets in a classroom setting.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Math Problems

Let’s face it, math is not every kid’s favorite subject. Spice math class up a bit by allowing students to pull out their whiteboard to practice their equations for the day! Whether it is basic arithmetic or advanced algebra, a whiteboard can make math more enjoyable! This is also a great way to cut back on paper scraps in the classroom.

Practicing Graphs & Charts

Graphs can be tricky to get the hang of. Using a mini dry erase whiteboard can help students be engaged and make for an easy fix if the student messes up. Additionally, the student can customize their graph with colors of their choice. This would work with pie charts for smaller kids and more advanced graph for older students.


Since the mini dry erase whiteboards are magnetic receptive, you could easily sort by color and make patterns by adding magnets to the whiteboard. The student could then write out the pattern that they have made or separate the groups by colors. This is a fun and interactive activity for younger school-aged students.

Free Time

Do you have quiet time in your classroom? A lot of schools offer play doh or clay for students to play with during quiet time or before class starts in the morning. If each student has their own whiteboard, they can express themselves by drawing or writing! Even better, students could share their boards for a friendly game of tic-tac-toe.

Class Survey

Not knowing the answer or understanding the process in a classroom of peers can be scary. Have your students use the whiteboard as a test to see how well they grasp the concept you have just taught them. Have the students hold the mini dry erase whiteboard sheets directly in front of them so that they cannot see their peers’ answers. This helps the students feel that they can answer honestly without feeling embarrassed that they do not understand. Depending on the grade, you could do anything from a smiley/frowny face to a scale (ex. 1 being “I’m lost” 10 being “I completely understand).