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The uses of adhesive magnets are extremely versatile. Adhesive magnets feature a magnetic side allowing them to stick to any magnetic receptive surface and on the flip side, peelable adhesive for craft projects or anything else! Adhesive magnets come in a variety of sizes so that you can find the one that works for your project. Discover the uses of magnetic tape, rolls, photo sheets and card magnets and which one is right for you!

4" Adhesive Magnetic Tape 20 mil Strip RollAdhesive Magnetic Tape

This type of magnet is extremely useful for organization and a variety of other craft or hobby projects. One side of the adhesive magnetic tape is peel and stick, allowing an easy way to adhere to your project, with the other side magnetic. Attach adhesive magnetic tape to any item to create labels or decorative refrigerator magnets. The adhesive magnetic tape is available with different types of adhesive for use indoors or even outdoors with a special acrylic adhesive.

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24.375 Inch By 50 Feet Indoor Adhesive MagnetAdhesive Magnetic Rolls

Adhesive magnetic rolls are some of the most basic types of magnetic sheeting. The large rolls allow you to cut magnet pieces different sizes to create anything from small refrigerator magnets to large poster size magnets. The wider rolls can be purchased in a variety of magnet thicknesses and even with waterproof adhesive that can be used outdoors.

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Magnet SheetsAdhesive Magnetic Photo Sheets

Adhesive magnetic photo sheets are perfect for creating keepsakes and gifts that can be hung on any magnetic receptive surface. Simply peel the backing from the adhesive side of the magnet and place your photo accordingly.

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60 mil Adhesive Business Card MagnetBusiness Card Magnets

Turn your business card into a magnet with the simple peel and stick adhesive business cards. Just remove the release paper and adhere your pre printed business card to the sticky side. The magnets will help you business stand out and your message will be right at your customer’s eye level on the refrigerator.

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