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DIY Dry Erase Sign

DIY Dry Erase Sign With Room Number For Dorm Room

DIY Dry Erase Sign For Dorm RoomAre you or someone you know going to college in the Fall? Today’s do-it-yourself activity is for anyone living in a dorm room! This dry erase board is perfect for the outside of a college dorm door! For this do-it-yourself activity you will need:


To begin, decide what shape you would like your dry erase board to be. We decided to keep the magnetic dry erase board in the shape of a rectangle and used a thin silver Washi Tape to create a border on the outside.

Washi Tape will create a nice frame for your magnetic dry erase board and is also easy to remove if you want to update the frame from time to time.

DIY Dry Erase Magnet Sign

If you have a little more time and want to customize your board, you could use scissors to cut it into a shape or round off the corners.

Some colleges do not allow you to make permanent changes to the room, so I would suggest hanging this magnetic dry erase board in order to save your damage deposit!

To hang the magnetic dry erase board, we used a hole punch to punch two holes in the top of the board. We then threaded a piece of ribbon through the hole and tied it at the top. You can pick the color and pattern of ribbon and adjust the length to your liking. You can use a command hook for a damage free way to mount the sign to the door!


You could stop here, or you could choose to add some decorations to the board since it would be in the hallway and a lot of people would see it. If you do not want this on the outside of your door, you could just as easily hang it above your desk!