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Benefits of Custom Printed Magnets for Business

Custom printed magnets are an underutilized, but cost-effective promotion and marketing methods. With business magnets as advertisements, you can bring your business to potential clients in a very hands-on way.

Consider for a moment, how people actively use magnets on their refrigerators and other magnetized objects to keep things in our line of vision–which is exactly what a good ad does.

Still not convinced? Here are some other great reasons to start using promotional magnets for your business:

  1. Marketing for Years to Come: Most people use the same magnets for years, which means you can invest in an advertisement that can reach multiple generations and demographics. Whenever someone opens the fridge, your business magnet will be right there to greet them. Bonus points if your business card magnet is bright to stand out among the others.
  2. Appeal to Common Interests: If you add a local sport team’s schedule or even a full year calendar with your business’s contact information, you’ll further increase the usefulness of your business magnet.
  3. Portable Promotions: Take your business cards to the next level with business card sized magnets. Reinvent your business cards with a unique and colorful design that can be repurposed onto a magnet.
  4. Custom Printed Magnets = Custom Marketing Message: With printed magnets, you can control your business’s message through a specific logo image or words. The ability to communicate your brand, your way is one of the best benefits of magnets for advertising.
  5. Out of Hand: Like a business card, magnets are easily distributable. They’re simple to mail, hand out, and give away at conferences and other events.

Discount Magnet will help you design a custom message that reflects your brand. If you’re ready for custom magnets that will meet and exceed your expectation, order our custom magnets to make a lasting impression with custom printed magnets for your business.