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DIY Photo Projects for the Holiday Season

Craft Blog Photo

It’s finally that time of the year again when you desperately try to think of a gift you haven’t already given to your friends and family. Save time and money this holiday season with these DIY Christmas gifts anyone can make.

Craft Blog PhotoHoliday Ornaments with a Twist

Create a personalized and unique Christmas tree ornament with photos and aluminum cookie cutters. Take any photo you have and trace the outline of the ornament on the back, then cut it out. Apply craft glue along the cookie cutter’s edge and press against the photo. To attach the ribbed, thread it through a needle, insert in between the paper and cutter, pull it through and tie a knot.

To add versatility to their ornaments uses photos applied to adhesive photo sheets with magnetic backing, to enable the recipient to use them as holiday refrigerator magnets.

Photo Luminaries

Candle are often go-to gifts during the holiday season, but with this project, you can add personalization and flair to the normally plain candles. You’ll need double-sided tape, vellum, glass jars, and a printer. All you have to do is print your photos out onto sheets of vellum paper and trim them to the size of your glass jars. Any glass jar will work, it all depends on the size you want. Place a strip of double-sided tape along the height of the glass and wrap your photo around the glass. To hide the seam of the photo, glue or tape a piece of ribbon down the side. Place a candle inside the glass, light it, and you have yourself a custom luminary.

Blog PhotoPhoto Magnets for the Refrigerator

One of the easiest ways to create a holiday memento is taking fun, themed family photos and turning them into simple magnets. Take a variety of fun photos with your family, slide them into a magnetic photo protector sleeve and add gems, ribbons, and other decorations to the outside.

Some fun holiday photo ideas include:

  • Then and Now: Recreate a photo from the past with similar outfits and poses and place both images in the magnet.
  • Ugly Sweaters: Make your photos cheesy by all dressing in ugly holiday sweaters. Add even more festivity to your photos by having them taken at a local photo studio with whimsical backgrounds.
  • Paint with Christmas Lights: If you are using a DSLR camera, try using the long exposure feature to use holidays as “paint.” For instructions on how to do this, visit DIY Photography.

Family Photo Puzzle

Family photo puzzles are great DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends and family, especially those with kids. Not only does it serve as a toy for the children, it is a craft that can be framed and kept as decor for your home. Depending on the size of the photo you have and the puzzle you want to create, you can use either adhesive magnetic rolls or pre-cut adhesive magnetic sheets. The adhesive side allows you to directly place your photo onto the magnetic backing. Then using scissors cut odd shapes out of the photo magnet to create an intricate puzzle. You could also use pinking shears to cut in squares for a more difficult puzzle. To finish, adhere a magnetic receptive material to a finished board and place the magnets on top.

The holidays are about giving, and the best gifts you can give is one from the heart. By making one of these DIY photo projects, you can be sure your gift won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Your gift will be one that’s remembered.