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DIY Kids Games using Magnet Sheets

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Keeping kids occupied in the car, especially on long car rides, can drive even the best parent crazy. Add on top of that trying to constantly pick up pieces of toys from the floor when they drop them; it can frustrate you to no end. There is a simple solution to all of these problems, and that is using craft magnets to create DIY kids games. By using magnet sheets to make your own games, not only do you save money on buying expensive toys you’ll lose the parts to, but you’ll save your patience as well.

Build Your Own Robot

For the children who have a creative imagination, a game like building your own robot could keep them occupied for hours. Either create your own robot shapes or use this printable template, depending on what method you choose to use.

If you want to create your own shapes, simply draw them out on paper or cardstock, cut them out, and use peel and stick magnets to adhere them to the magnetic backing. If you want to use the provided template, you can simply use magnet printing paper to print the designs directly onto the magnet and cut the magnets out from there.

To make the design surface, simply take an old tray or piece of wood or cardboard and apply an adhesive backed magnet to the surface to create a magnetic surface for your kids to create their own robots.

DIY Kids Games Blog PhotoTic-Tac-Toe

Create your own tic-tac-toe board for car rides by using magnetic tape rolls and magnet sheets. Like the robot game, use an old tray, piece of cardboard, or comparable material to create the game board. Simply use magnet sheets with adhesive and adhere it to the board or tray.  Take a sharpie to draw the nine squares.

To create the playing pieces, either use the X’s and O’s from a refrigerator alphabet set or create your own using cardstock and magnetic tape.

Magnetic Maze

No matter what your age, mazes are always a fun and easy way to stay occupied. With a paper plate, a popsicle stick, and some magnets, you can have your own magnetic, portable maze, without the risk of getting marker, pen, or crayon all over your car.

On the top side of the paper plate, where you would put your food, draw a maze design. It can be as simple or intricate as you’d like, and if you are a fan of symmetry and straight lines, consider using a compass.

In the center of the maze, draw the reward or goal of the maze. Think of fun themes your kids might like. Animal lovers? Draw a dog treat or carrots in the center. Like pirates? X marks the spot in a pirate-themed maze.

To create the moving piece, the part that replaces the pen or marker, draw out your design on cardstock or paper. If you are doing a pirate theme, create a pirate or boat as the piece. For your dog lover, make a puppy piece trying to get to its dog treat, or bunny rabbit going after its carrots. When you’ve created the moving piece, cut it out and attach magnetic tape with adhesive to the back.

Finally, attach a small craft magnet that is the opposite pole of the magnet used on the moving piece to ensure they attract, to the tip of a popsicle stick. To play, place your moving piece on the top of the plate and position the stick under the plate, and move it around to move the puzzle piece.

With these new DIY kids games, you’ll never have to strain your back trying to pick up toys in the car or lose your patience with irritable, bored, kids in the car.